Mar 30, 2018

The Curiosity Approach


‘The Curiosity Approach’ Accreditation

New for 2018: The Curiosity Approach Accreditation is something that we are working on this year in partnership with our staff, our families and the Curiosity Approach team themselves. This approach, and accreditation, builds on well known and established early years theorists in providing children with an environment, experiences, activities and resources which foster their in-built need to explore, try things out and engage in a high level of sustained shared thinking. What we are working on with this approach enhances the environments and resources that we already have in the nursery. We are introducing resources that are “real” and authentic to inspire awe and wonder and to enable children to handle items that are made of natural materials to gain skills and a level of understanding to support their learning and development at a deeper level.

An example of this is where we have introduced real tea-sets in the home corner. We have introduced metal teapots for younger children to explore and china teapots for our older children. These different materials, to previous plastic tea sets, broaden children’s learning – they have different textures, sounds, feels, smells, tastes, resistances, weights and feel to them and children are taught to handle them with care and respect. We have found by making changes such as these that children’s engagement with items is much more involved and sustained – care is taken not to break things, to put things back when they have been played with, children talk to each other about how to look after the materials and when things do get broken we show children how to safely clear up but valuable lessons are learnt about looking after things properly.

Some of our families have already begun to adopt this approach in their homes too, reporting the benefits that they have seen to how their children play and learn.

If you’d like more information please ask at the nursery to borrow a copy of “The A-Z of The Curiosity Approach”, talk with our staff team or you can follow the Curiosity Approach on their website and Facebook page: