Apr 19, 2018

New Parent Testimonials


We have just received some new testimonials from current parents at Merchant Square, which we're publishing on our Testimonials page. We thought you'd like to see them, so here they are:

"Baby Lola is so happy at Merchant Square!  She lights up and smiles every morning we walk in. Her teachers are dedicated and interested in her development and I couldn’t be happier with our experience at Merchant Square Nursery."

Ashley Asdourian

"After visiting few nurseries, I felt this one was the most professional, organised and friendly. They accommodate request for changes in attendance days immediately and respond to queries quickly. Staff seem to have excellent communication amongst themselves so even if my child’s key person is away, there is always someone else present who understands my child’s needs, tends to them and continues any specific developmental play or dialogue. Their feedback is thorough and my child seems to be very happy there."

Hanako Sato

"Excellent experience so far, my child enjoys the nursery, the staff are great!"

Nada Ali


"My babies Ali and Sara were very well looked after at the nursery, they have developed very confidently and smoothly through their time here. The staff are very friendly and knowledge and very caring towards the children, the environment is very clean and safe and I couldn’t expect better care for my children."

Al- Kawari

"My overall experience with this nursery has been excellent. I have noticed a huge difference in my toddlers development since joining the nursery. I feel satisfied and relived sending her here the staff are extremely friendly and caring towards the children."

Rida Babr