Jul 19, 2018

New Parent Testimonials


We have a whole host of new testimonials for Merchant Square Day Nursery from parents. They have been added to the testimonials page but we thought you might like to see them here too:

"It was a wonderful experience to have my child spending 2 years at this nursery. The transition from nursery to preschool was smooth and filled with support from key person at the nursery.  Iam fully satisfied with all the feedback, resources and opportunities provided to us while my son was at the nursery."

Raabia Faruqui


"Since joining nursery, My son has developed in so many ways. He is more confident and balanced and loves going to the nursery every morning. Mark looks forward to meeting his key person Tyra every morning. We love all the teachers who are warm, caring and very professional. I would definitely recommend this nursery to other parents. Thank you so much for making the difference. Mark and I will miss the nursery very much." 

Mrs Sandra Paci


"We are always very happy with your care for both our children. Most staff are excellent, positive and caring and both our kids have always been very happy. The management is very accommodating and flexible."

Maria Zannetos.


"I have noticed a huge improvement in Sofia’s skills and manners. My daughter loves nursery and talks about her friends and teachers at home. Thank you for all your hard work." 

Sumya Al Ali


"I have overall been very satisfied with this nursery. The staff is caring and easy going regarding parents requests. The kids seems to be very close to their caregivers and that is very important. The management has been so very flexible, good at communicating and no surprises on anything- good consistent care of our kids."

Selin Apykyan


"Our experience of the nursery is very impressive and would definitely recommend it to others. We are very pleased with you, our son is becoming very independent and really improving socially thanks to you." "



My son really enjoyed his 2 years at the nursery. The staff are really caring, knowledgeable, fun and ensured that the children did  many and varied activities."

Mara Stenton


"My experience have been very good with the staff members and other parents. My child is able to learn more and enjoy himself with the other children." 

Lydie Salima


"Really happy with my child’s development, you guys are amazing."

Emma Birley


"I feel happy because my child has developed well, he likes the nursery. It is a good place for him and children. I hope the best for all the children and my child will miss this nursery so much."

Mrs Youssef